Tuesday, June 3, 2008

They’ve Got Their Hash Pipes

Nothing like a little Weezer to kick off the morning. So you’ve heard the news obviously. Tatum O’Neal was arrested with two bags of cocaine in her front pockets. John McEnroe’s ex-wife allegedly asked the police if they could just forget it happened and commented that she was just “researching” a role. Obviously this can’t be right, since Tatum has been to rehab so many times that a judge actually gave John McEnroe the three kids.

Tatum O’Neal is still the youngest person to have won an Oscar, which she picked up at 10 for the movie Paper Moon. She was raised by Ryan O’Neal, an actor famous for his temper and probably resentful of her success. Then she married John McEnroe (daddy complex much?) Substance abuse runs in the family. Brother Griffin O’Neal was high during the boating accident that killed Francis Ford Coppola’s son, leading to a manslaughter conviction. Last year he attacked Ryan with a fireplace poker.

Which is all to say that having John McEnroe as an ex-husband is enough to trigger a relapse in anyone. Get well soon, Tatum.

Meanwhile, over at Chez Noah, Yannick Noah is nonplussed by news of his son’s arrest for (count ‘em): open container, possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license. Jokim was arrested last week in Gainesville and will pay a fine. Jokim was an obscenely popular member of the Gator’s back to back national championship basketball teams before being drafted by the Chicago Bulls. It’s no surprise to anyone that Jokim ended back in Gainesville partying, since he’s always been a unique personality who thoroughly enjoyed the college lifestyle.  Jokim Noah has had some problems fitting in off the court in the NBA. 

I know what you’re thinking, “what, they don’t smoke pot in the NBA?” 

No, it’s more to do with the younger Noah’s rather laissez faire attitude toward rules and seriousness, and the NBA, like all professional sports leagues, tends to have a “no fun” policy. Daddy Noah basically shrugged his shoulders at his son’s arrest, and can you blame him? It’s not that big a deal. Besides, Noah always had a laissez faire attitude himself. When he retired from tennis he became a popular reggae artist. Reggae… now there’s a drug free environment.

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