Thursday, February 7, 2008

John McEnroe for...All-Bran?

Beautiful photo courtesy of Katie Meigs. Some rights reserved.

Hat tip to Mike for alerting me to John McEnroe's new association with All Bran. Here's the Yahoo All-Bran Group (yes, really):
I’m John McEnroe. I’m not only the spokesman for the All-Bran 10 Day Challenge™, I’ve done it myself. After 10 days, you too could be amazed at the results.

Become part of a regular movement in the All-Bran® 10 Day Club. See what Club members from coast-to-coast are saying about the benefits of All-Bran®.
Become part of a regular movement? So all those years Johnny Mac was just constipated?

I'm not saying he's a horse's ass or anything but All-Bran must have some serious money, or else John needs some. Showbiz Spy confirms the existence of a commercial featuring McEnroe arguing with some guy about his, um, plumbing.

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