Tuesday, January 15, 2008

(B)dodo Droppings--He's Straight, in Case We Didn't Know

Bodo's Tennis Mag blog was pure drivel today. His aim was to pen a few paragraphs about all the men in action on Day 2. His writing was supposed to be clever and witty but the jokes were flat. It was like this:
Michael Russel - Co-Journeyman of the Century with Paul Goldstein (hey, where the hail is Goldie, anyhow?), he survived a five-setter (6-3 in the fifth) against Fabulous Fabio Fognini, who as all of you know was named for the pasta special served at the popular Roman restaurant, House of Medici
Yikes. We all have bad days, big guy.
I wouldn't be panning Peter today if he didn't resort to the usual "I'm straight, get it!" jokes. Again. I'm sure at one point in history it was really funny to watch middle-aged, straight white guys get all jokey about the fact that they are heterosexual. But with Bodo it goes beyond writer having a bad day because asserting his masculinity is always uppermost in his mind.

Hence all the "Federer is a girl" posts. 

This is why it was no surprise to find him asserting his distaste of Fabrice Santoro and his pastel shirts and Frenchy ways. (The French are also on Bodo's list of things that bother him. (Is he auditioning to be George Bush's best-friend or what?) Bodo goes out of his way to slam Santoro for his record number of grand slams played and then links to a goofy picture of Santoro to emphasize his point that Santoro is a dope. Yeah, he kinda looks like Bodo in that picture so...

But back to the hetero-ness that is Peter Bodo. He has this to say about Fernando Verdasco.
Fernando Verdasco - I'm a male heterosexual, so a huge portion of this guy's appeal gets little more than a shrug out of me, except when it comes to his game.
You're giving yourself away Bodo - Verdasco is only occasionally noticed for his looks. There are better looking players out there if you want one.

And then there's that other game. "I don't know what the appeal is." Oh please, as if heterosexual men don't "get" the appeal of Johnny Depp. You don't need to want to sleep with him to understand why you might want to look like him. 

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