Monday, January 21, 2008

Pam Calls Out Serena

Oh, it's on now. After Chris Fowler pointed out that Serena isn't limping and hasn't called the trainer, Shriver said Serena needs to get fired up, since that's what players do when they have "niggling" injuries in the QF of a slam.

True dat.

The folks over at Black Tennis Pro's are going to be all over Shriver. They complained about Mary Carillo for saying that Serena and Venus have made their share of "kooky" comments over the years. 

So? Read Serena's blog, it's full of kooky comments right now. Look, criticizing Serena for being a flake is fair. A lot of players are flakes and kooks. I pointed out three of them (Serena included) the other day.

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