Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pam Shriver is Hilarious / Maria's Dad is a Jerk

Good to see that famous old sense of humor again.

So far tonight, Shriver said the tournament director was going to keep the roof closed "to keep my hair from frizzing out." She blamed him for retaliating against her for something she said 15 years ago when he was an umpire.

Earlier she interviewed the delightful, chatty mother of Jelena Jankovic. Before throwing it back to the booth she said "that's the only parent I'll be speaking to tonight." The commentators cracked up, because Sharapova's father Yuri is a first-class wack - job. His latest antic? Making a "slit throat" sign as Maria's match with Henin ended. 


Remember the controversy in the States when football players started making the slit throat gesture? Maria said he was just putting up his hood, but earlier in the tournament she told the press he likes that sweatshirt since it makes him look like an assassin. Last time I called a Russian a jackass on this blog I got reprimanded by CYCLOPS. But seriously, when it comes to Yuri Sharapov, there's a whole range of blue words I could use.

The above video shows the throat-slit, at about the 48 second mark. I can't stand this generation of tennis parents on the women's side. They're bloody awful.

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