Sunday, January 13, 2008

Serena Writes a Poem (and Guess What It's About)

Serena has posted a new poem on her website. And it's about Serena's favorite subject. "Me me me me me me......."

An excerpt:

I love to act
I love to play tennis
I love to design
I dream of people watching me holding up my third Wimbledon trophy
I dream of people watching me on the big screen in movie theaters
I dream of having every person owning at least 1 piece of my Aneres designs.
I dream
I dream not only at night
I dream during the day
When I want things to go right
What type of dreams make sense?

Most of all I dream of being a good person to all that are inspired by me
I dream of having girls, women, boys, men being fond of not only what I
have done on the tennis court, or on the big screen or what I design but
I dream of what people think of me as a person.
I dream that people think of me as a giving person as a person that
loves life and is fun to be around.
I dream

We hope this poem isn't Serena's version of Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech. Note how Serena's idea of inspiring the masses includes giving of herself so we can all see her on the big screen, or with her "designs". 

We could write a dissertation on the crap Serena is plastering all over her website. Sports psychologists tell athletes to use visualization to achieve their goals. But this is not quite what they meant. In order to get that trophy in your hands there's a process you must go through. It's a process called work. This is a concept that Serena has always struggled with. She wants to be No. 1 but refuses to put in the hours to make that dream come true. 

Serena is the defending Australian Open champion. What last year's tournament proved, yet again, is that Serena could be the greatest player to play women's tennis... If she works at it. If she doesn't, she will never measure up to Justine Henin. Those words must chill her to the bone. The truth's a bitch.

In case you haven't guessed, Serena will get nothing but tough love from this space. 

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