Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gossip: Stepanek and Vaidisova to Marry? Or it's a Prank.

I almost forgot to post about Radek Stepanek and Nicole Vaidisova applying for a marriage license in Bradenton, Florida, where they both train. (Hat tip:
Tennis Info Blog).

Nicole was on ESPN last week denying it in a half-assed, giggly way. When I saw it I thought "oh shit, how stupid are you."

All I can say is, Nicole--DON'T. You were jailbait until a few months ago. And Stepanek got engaged to Martina Hingis a year ago. Then sometime in the summer, they got un-engaged, he got his game back and had significant wins, and depending who you believe, Hingis snorted some blow.

This just leads me to believe that Stepanek is skeevy. When the cocaine story broke, I was surprised that they didn't link it to her bizarre year of personal angst. 

Besides, Nicole, YOU ARE 18! He is 29! 

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