Friday, January 25, 2008

Ivanovic Rallies, Down a Set and Break, to Defeat Legs

I can't vouch for much of the tennis since I gave up on Ivanovic after she was down a set and a break. I had to sleep sometime! Apparently, while I was counting sheep Ivanovic clawed her way back into a match that Legs was completely in control of. In fact, Legs won that first set 6-0 and was relaxed and smacking winners. I don't know what happened with the tennis since the articles on the match were filled with whining by Legs about Ivanovic squeaking her shoes during Legs' ball toss. Repeatedly. And then there was the usual carping and drama and fallout that always appears in the women's matches these days. You know the drill, fake injuries, phony bathroom breaks, illegal coaching hand signals, screeching and porn-grunting, complaining, blaming your opponent for daring to breath and throat-slitting by one's father.

Can't these ladies just play a damn match, shake hands and be over it. I can't wait until this era of *cutie-pie or Big Babe Tennis is officially over.

*Both terms coined by Mary Carillo

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